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Production Line Management

Ngày đăng : 17:00:54 23-03-2016

Production Line Management

Eliminating unnecessary machine downtime, ensuring maximum productivity and maintaining appropriate stock are keys to successful product line management. ICP DAS WISE controller features flexible logic functions and is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tool for creating cutting edge applications that makes it easy to take full control of your product line management.

ICP DAS offers full-range I/O that works with WISE controller that enables to connect with product line devices in various applications. The logic engine on controllers make it possible to set up different automation process by just a few clicks, for example: by connecting conveyer to WISE controllers, it allows to hold the conveying of semi-finished product during the manufacturing process for further processing; measure productivities statistics, or notify the operators ready for next steps. In addition, WISE controller can also be set to detect and response immediately when an error occurs during the manufacturing process to avoid the waste of raw materials or equipment damage. WISE controller also support Modbus TCP interface so that information can be instantly transmitted to the control center and makes real time monitoring the overall production line status more efficiently.



WISE controller features IF-THEN-ELSE logic Rule Engine that enables implementing logic configuration via Web Page just a few clicks away, no programming is required.
Support Modbus TCP Protocol that enables seamless integration with SCADA software.
WISE-7901 controller is equipped with schedule function that enables automatically shut down equipment to save electricity during off-hours or at any scheduled time.

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