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PMMS (Power Monitoring and Management Solution)

Ngày đăng : 21:14:57 23-03-2016


For the resources of the earth are getting depleted faster in recent years, countries around the world and all walks of life all set off a wave of energy saving and carbon reduction in order to avoid the waste of resources and pursue living a sustainable life to extend earth's resources. Under the trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, power monitoring gradually becomes an important project for maximizing energy efficiency by power monitoring always contributing to significant energy savings no mater on the individual, corporate or national level. ICP DAS PMMS ( Power Monitoring and Management Solution ) is an innovative total solution for energy saving. It includes: front-end on-site Smart Power Meter, Power Meter Concentrator and back-end software tool for data management. In addition to hardware devices, ICP DAS also provides total solution so that the user could easily view power data from their mobile phones or PC, and the administrator could set up the system quickly without complicated coding. Simply complete the settings through the web or software for power monitoring and data recording; and then perform further statistic analysis so that the user could fully understand the efficiency of the power usage and furthermore establish policies to achieve effective energy saving. During the early stage, if the scale is small, the user could simply use Smart Power Meter and PMC to set up a simple acquisition monitoring system, once the scale is expanded, the user could get the back-end software tool involved and build a easy-to-expand monitoring system via blocks stacked structure. By this way, the system will be highly flexible and could be implemented in phases to meet various requirements.

main_iconSystem Architecture

PMMS (Power Monitoring and Management Solution) mainly consists of three parts: Smart Power Meter, Power Meter Concentrator and PC side software tool for data management.

  • ICP DAS Smart Power Meter:

    Currently support ICP DAS Smart Power Meters PM-3033, PM-3133, PM-3112, PM-3114, PM-4324,
    PM-3033-MTCP, PM-3133-MTCP, PM-3112-MTCP, PM-3114-MTCP and PM-4324-MTCP.

  • Power Meter Concentrator:

    PMC allows to connect to ICP DAS Smart Power Meters via RS-485 or Ethernet interface to read the power data of the devices; and then save the power data and send the data to back-end software tool for further data integration or analysis. PMC also provides power demand management and alarm notification functions. With ICP DAS I/O modules, according to the power demand level it allows to turn on/off the devices to manage the power consumption of the devices. In addition, PMC offers built-in Web Server, it allows users to connect to PMC via browser to view power data, set up parameters for the controllers or view the real-time/historical power data of the devices. In addition, PMC offers Modbus RTU/TCP Slave function; it allows SCADA software or HMI devices to connect to PMC to get the power data of the devices via Modbus RTU/TCP protocol in real time.

  • PC Side Software Tool for Data Management:

    The PMC supports FTP protocol, after the power data is stored, the power data can be sent to ICP DAS PMC Data Server at scheduled time (in CSV format) via FTP. And the data can be converted to MS Access / MS SQL / MySQL database format so that the related personnel could easily perform the analysis, inquiry and statistics of the power meter power data to achieve more efficient electricity usage. In addition, the PMC also support Modbus TCP protocol, any SCADA software that support Modbus TCP protocol(such as: InduSoft / EZ data logger) can connect to PMC directly to obtain the power data and is able to store the power data and perform data analysis.