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Ngày đăng: 10:25:11 05-02-2016
PAC TECH Vol. E30_ 2015
The PAC TECH Vol. E30_ 2015 introduces various ICP DAS products used in Building/Home Automation applications, WISE/PMC applications and more. The content includes the following applications:
  ● Application for Generator Management System in Taipei 101 Building
● FCU (Fan-Coil Unit) Control System Solutions
● Lighting & Air Conditioning Service in KTV
● WISE Controllers Play a Key Role in the Hydraulic Control
● WISE Application in Fire Alarm Linked System
● WISE in the Application of Aquaculture
● PMC-5151 used in Power & Air Conditioning Monitoring System Application in Campus
● HMI and Device Control on a Large Screen using a Small PAC
   (ISaGRAF & Soft-GRAF Software WP-5147 PAC Modbus I/O)
● UniDAQ - Development Software of ICP DAS PC-based I/O boards
● New ISaGRAF Application: Air Pollution Monitoring and Alarm System
● PDS-700 Applications - Remote Access to Multiple Distributed RS-485 Devices