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Environment Management System

Ngày đăng : 16:59:37 23-03-2016

Environment Management System

As the advance of civilization causing heavy industrial and commercial activities, there are growing concerns about environmental issues; among them, wastewater treatment is one of the most emphasized areas for it involves complicated process and considerable number of devices needed during operations. In order to achieve reliable, high-performance, efficient and cost-effective result, automation approaches are essential to wastewater treatment solutions.

ICP DAS WISE controllers features real-time monitoring and reliable SMS function that is perfect for use in wastewater treatment applications. It takes only a few clicks to configure logic control that enables automation and optimization of wastewater treatment operations, such as: auto-detect the level of the sedimentation tank and response immediately based on the wastewater level. For example, when the wastewater level drops, the floodgate will be opened to load wastewater to desired level; and if the wastewater accumulates in the tank reaches a certain level, it will start the pumps to process treatment until the level decreases. In addition, WISE also allows sending SMS regarding current water level to the related personals for immediately response.



WISE controller features IF-THEN-ELSE logic Rule Engine that enables implementing logic configuration via Web Page just a few clicks away, no programming is required.
Support Modbus TCP Protocol that enables seamless integration with SCADA software.
WISE controller is equipped with schedule function that enables automatically shut down equipment to save electricity during off-hours or at any scheduled time.
WISE is equipped with reliable SMS function that allows real-time notifying related personals via SMS for immediate response.

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