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Case Study
Ngày đăng: 09:17:00 05-02-2016
    Air Pollution Monitoring and Alarm System
    With a highly developed industry and the increased use of fossil energy, the quality of human life has been changed. The exhaust from the industrial parks have been verified containing many pollutants such as suspended particulates (PM10), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), etc. The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that air pollutants can be harmful to the human body. For the purpose of preventing exhaust pollution effectively, we will introduce an “Air pollution monitoring and alarm system” solution, so that the on-site operator can take immediate and effective measures when the pollutant reading is over the limited value, and to make sure the quality of working environment and people's health.
    Products: Software: ISaGRAF, Soft-GRAF Studio
                  Hardware: VP-25W7 + I-8212W-3GWA + I-87017RCW + I-87064W
    HMI and Device Control on a Large Screen using a Small PAC 
    Looking for an affordable, high-quality solution for HMI and device control?
    For many years, ICP DAS has continued to make steady progress by tailoring a wide variety of products targeted at individual industries in order to meet the needs of specific customers. Application fields now covered include industrial automation and control, transportation, educational institutions, government agencies, and so on. Consequently, with cost considerations in mind, ICP DAS has created a unique combination of perfect solutions that can be implemented in a wide range of applications. 
    Products: Software: ISaGRAF, Soft-GRAF Studio
                    Hardware: WP-5147 + XW-Board + Modbus I/O 
    Data Logging Solution
    ICP DAS provides “Data Logging” solutions for a variety of industry sectors, including the related applications of recording temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pressure, flow, etc. This solution uses the powerful and flexible software - ISaGRAF, and combines with the VP-2xW7 (ISaGRAF PAC, supports WEB HMI) and the I-87055W (8 DI, 8 DO high profile module with Counter) to provide you a simple, fast and accurate data collection experience.
    Products: ISaGRAF Software + VP-2xW7 PAC + I-87055W I/O Modules
    New redundant communication mechanisms
    ICP DAS releases two new redundant communication mechanisms for ISaGRAF PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) monitor/control system to implement RS-485 
    or Ethernet network communication redundancy. It increases the system efficiency, no more communication interruption, never fail the data transmission!
    Products: WP-8xx7 + I-8142iW WP-8xx7 + NS-208
    Water dams monitoring system
    ICP DAS releases the effective VW sensor solution (Vibration Wire solution). This solution has been successfully applied in some water dams monitoring system near the city Wuhang in China . It is useful for measuring the stress of constructions like building, bridge, dam, etc..
    Products: iP-8447 + I87089 + DN1618UB 
    Details: english_manu/faq091.pdf
    Quality Inspection System of Tablets 
    The Vision Box/MAVIS solution provided by ICP DAS assembles MAVIS IM?100, an industrial camera, which can capture images with 100 frames per second. Operating with dual?core CPU of Vision Box, IEEE 1394 high?speed transmission cable and Windows XP Embedded OS built in the CF card, the maximum image capturing rate could reach 360,000 pictures of tablets per hour. It is costless, much more efficiency, more stable, and more reliable than other inspection systems.
    Products: Vision BOX, MAVIS IM-100
    The Administration System of Parking Structure
    These parking structures are always built in the busiest region in order to provide abundant parking places for drivers. Some of these structures are in large scale with at least 2 entries and 2 exits. In order to administrate all the entries and exits and to show the number of current available spots, the central computer must receive all the information from these devices.
    Products: VXC-144U

    Like Being There, Providing Maintenance Service via Internet!
    The engineers of industrial equipment manufacturers always have to visit the spot when their customers call for technical support. Becuase the users of industrial equipments are usually unable to cope with the program problems by themselves, and this kind of problem is always hard to handle without being on the spot. The occurrence of this kind of problem indicates that it will cost a lot on the manufacturers’ traffic expense and users’ downtime lost, especially for those in different countries. 
    Products: M-4132

    Enjoy high-tech life at home (7.95MB)
    The Food Tracebility Sysem (3.2MB)
    The Bridge Monitoring System (3.4MB)
    The Emergency Warning System of Tunnels (3.5MB)
    HVAC system with WinPAC